Sometimes "Y and W"

In Search of The Rules; for Sometimes Y and W
"The following is about My quest to Spy out the rules to vowels for sometimes y and w ", in hopes people would stop looking at me as if I had just came down from another planet; when I mention or ask if they have ever heard of this rule!

Were you taught that vowel rule?

As a young child reaching school age I was taught and learned things that stuck in my head, like the alphabet and the vowels, as time went by I began to feel like I was the only one taught some of those things, one day I ask my wife, whom is between seven and eight years younger than myself, if she remembered that rule for sometimes "Y" and "W" and she said she had never heard of it.

The rule on vowels as I was taught

So years went by and I still hadn't met anyone that knew of such a rule, and the rule; as I was taught; was "a" "e" "i" "o" "u" and sometimes "Y" and "W"
Years had gone by without meeting anyone who acknowledged those two as ever being vowels.

When Is "W" a Vowel ?

Then one night while surfing the net I ran across a web page simply by typing in sometimes Y and W , the short version of this story is; I feel better now, thanks to Grammar Girl at the following address, entitled When Is "W" a Vowel ? .
I was so relieved to find an answer to that question that I dedicated this page to maintain a link to that address, and so, if this is one of those things that has bugged you, now you can be reassured; it is for real.

a small saying

  Just for the record; At some point in time I was taught a small saying to help one remember the Vowels; It went something like this,, --> L a d y "Pronounced "a" + "e" instead of Lady" -- >I O U some sugar, giving one another way to remember the Vowels by association via a little name slang and sentence.
I suppose the person that taught that (Returned) sugar story could have added and sometime I'd like to borrow some Wine and Worcestershire sauce, or something, but she didn't.
That all being said;, and In fond memory of Paul Harvey; as he would say: " and now you know; the rest of the story" Yours truly: Vowel Spy
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