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† Shepherd's Chapel Digital †

  • Shepherd's Chapel show air time for Standard TV viewing
    Now transmitting in Digital TV format, for free over the airway
    reception of The Shepherd's Chapel Bible Study Hour.

  • † Shepherd's Chapel TV channels †

    Channel 16-1 WJKT Tennessee " air's at 5:00 AM"
    Channel 40 WNKY Kentucky " air's at 5:00 AM"
    Channel 30 WUXP Tennessee" air's at 5:00 AM"
  • (*Mon-Friday") Central Time
  • If you have a small satelite dish you may find this on Channel 224

    This page is here to inform the viewer of the standard TV, ( now Digital ) channel's;
    The Shepherd's Chapel Bible Study hour can be viewed on, with the use of an outdoor aerial antenna.
    (Nothing need be special about the outdoor antenna, you can still pick up the channels with a metal cloths hanger if you cut it to closely match the frequency or form a 4 to 5 inch UHF loop.)

    The Shepherd's chapel bible study hour

    Bible Studies are Hosted by Arnold, Dennis and sometimes David Murray. Documentaries cover a broad range of subjects such as graphic marking left by travelers passing through the U.S. and Mexico in early times. Also covered are Dinosaurs, tools, stones etc. There are other shows that cover subjects such as Tales of Glastonbury where it is said that he was accompanied by a young lad said or thought to be The Christ.
    Arnold Murray is known for his book by book and chapter by chapter teaching style otherwise stated as line by line chapter by chapter and verse by verse. The Chapel packs a powerful punch when it comes to covering a large area with a C-Band satellite transmitter; stationed near the chapel on Chapel grounds.
    The Shepherd's Chapel bible study hour is transmitted 24 hours a day rotating app. 3 shows per day with the newest show at around 3:00PM and then added to the rotation to fit time slots matching TV stations that carry the Broadcast by retransmitting one of the shows per TV station arrangement.
    If you are fortunate enough to own a C-Band receiving dish antenna, it is possible to catch the 24 hour feed at the G3 satellite position on channel 16.
    If you would care to know more and meet other Shepherd's Chapel Students at the same time, you can do this by joining a forum built and maintained by Shepherd's Chapel students.
    If you would like to download recorded bible studies for personal use you may do this by visiting
    The Official Shepherd's Chapel Web site Home page where you may choose from several media formats and method's for viewing of The Bible Study hour.
    They have a weekly archive so you may stream or download those missed bible study broadcast for a one week period of Monday through Friday; with the newest show overwriting last weeks show (Day).

    TV Change from analog TV to digital TV

    Since the arrival of the over air change to digital I noticed it was possible to receive channels that were not quite strong enough before the digital changeover, so it may be possible for some of you out there to receive a particular channel better than before.
    That could work the other way around for some depending on how the pattern has changed for your area, as for me all channels I could not receive well before are now stronger than ever, the exception at first was that 2 of the strongest channels were dropping out and rarely came in, but this has long since been corrected via a better antenna set up, and for the record one of those channels was a VHF and my initial setup favored the UHF channels but are now more equally received.
    I;m not going to list all the possibilities here but tree's, that big bus between you and the station etc, can play a part in any situation; just as they would have before the changeover.
    You can read more on Digital TV features, TV Stations and channels here - Digital TV Station Channels |
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