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No Channel 37 TV Stations

"Ther are no icon 37, DTV 37 nor virtual channel 37 TV stations in the U.S. ...

No Analog 37 - No Virtual Channel and no Channel 37 Services.

The TV Station that never came to be known as Channel 37 could have been shown as such via a virtual channel if the operating frequency was actually one other than a true DTV Channel 37 also referenced as RF Channel 37 @ around "611.000 MHZ" UHF .
Thanks to virtual channels a none DTV channel 37 Station could have displayed their Icon channel 37 number regardless of their current operating frequency.
TV stations may also have furnish digital sub channels over the same carrier by sending the video in streams ...
All this would have made it easy to locate a Channel 37 station you never knew with the possibility of finding your not the channel 37 station was furnishing more than none service via multiple currently none exestant rf 37 service channels. "If it is possibly for a low power station to operate on RF channel 37 under certan conditions" no one does, as far as I have seen.

No Icon Channel 37 Tv Stations

  • There are no full power TV stations that have 37 as their icon channel number.

  • No Stations operating on DTV Channel 37

  • There are no full power TV stations transmitting on RF Channel 37.

  • No Icon 37 Stations Transmitting on DTV Channel 37

  • There are no full power stations with 37 as their Icon channel number that transmit on DTV Channel 37
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